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Are you seeking for Happiness? Come and join our team Sealosophy.

Wonderful places with nature and seas with crystal clear blue water, add a good dose of physical activity and with qualified instructors, to purify all thoughts or anxiety from the big city and work deadlines … the result will be an amazing discovery of wellness to yourself.

Unforgettable & unique  travel experiences that will  allow you to look at yourself differently, to renew your world and your life  to a new energy and  simplicity connected to the nature.

A few years ago we were a group of young guys with different interests and jobs, from north to south each of us was in search of his holy grail of happiness.
Some were entertainer in tourist villages, and some holds a law degree and who were accountant.

Verdura Resort was the place where we found ourselves accidentally and after years of  physical and mental sacrifices gave us at supersonic speed and in full sail towards new opportunities and openings such as the Borgo Egnazia Hotel. (See team here and locations here).

The opportunity was to share our experience and our passions with all those who wanted to discover the wonderful world of the hotel recreation, particularly water sports department.
Advanced equipment, partnership with prestigious brands and a sincere desire to grow professionally and personally contributed to the creation of nautical centers that offer today’s water sports and emotional experiences in any weather condition imaginable that you can find.

Motorized water sports (see here) in calm sea conditions to those not motorized or sail (see here) in the case of wind passing through the boat tour (see here) with one purpose of entering into a state of harmonious and continuos flow, regardless of being professional level riders or amateurs beginner, will push you into a world of adventure emotions that you will remember for the rest of your life and where you can no longer do without.

Jacques Cousteau said that:

“after the magic moment when my eyes were opened to the sea, I was no longer possible to see, think and live as before.”

And it was indeed like that for us.
A few years before groping in the dark and our eyes were closed to the sea and the emotions that this fantastic element offer.
Many years ago in July,we spent hours at the beach  spreading sun oil and lying on our beach towels and getting brown like hot dogs on the grill.
But now the only important thing is to be near the sea or even better above and did not care to have shelter or roof over the head, also a beach umbrella and two chairs were fine.

The only thing we had was the humble hearts, ready to make our path and moved by the ardent passion.

Today every condition is good to arm our gear and ride the wind-driven waves and the company of the mother nature.
It does not matter if kite, sailing or windsurfing, counts only the destination and preferably in the company.
We want to share our passion with our guests, sincere and genuine, and today we have turned our passion into a real profession.
It is something difficult to explain in words but full with strong spirituality that offers a different approach and perspective to the mechanical part, conscious that frantic runs through the chaotic and stressful rhythms of the big cities.
A new energy can be transformed into your outlet, it will give you wellness and strengthening your contact with nature and its benefits.

The street is in front of us, it lies to the east and is ready to be taken, just a bit of action to begin.
If you are curious to learn more, if you find yourself at the pc in search of possible destinations for the next holiday then this is the place for you!

We will take you by the hand and take you to the discover new places and experiences open to all from 0 to 100 years.
We will travel together as one team, vibrant, diverse but with potential and horizons to be discovered.
See you in the water.


Team Sealosophy

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