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Good Morning Bagnasc! the best is yet to come, word of Sealosophy.

It’s 05:07 AM the alarm is set for 05:15, but my eyes are open since a long time, maybe for the 3200m rarefied air of Livrio Hotel.

Who knows how many normal guys of the same age as me by now are coming back home from long disco parties… but I have a target, a passion, a vision, and at this time I wake up.
I fill the shaker up with water and blueberry maltodextrins almost as a ritual, I close my thermos with large coffee and I get ready to go out on the ice, chewing up turns after turns, as a painter on a blank canvas of permanent ice, searching for the perfect gesture, for the most flowing action. It’s 15th August, temperature in Stelvio Pass is of minus 8° at dawn, winter is coming up and, as every year, the race to the “national” score is beginning. Seasons run fast we know, and through ups and downs that dream got caught up among underwears, socks and undershirts… So… What’s to be done?

As a child I was involved in sailing on centerboards, a beautiful sport that I really loved and, after all, I wasn’t so bad, but recently I have put it aside in order to dedicate myself to skiing.

But… You know what?
I may even leave as a sailing instructor in holiday villages and just for one summer I can put my ski boots away and throw my flip flop in the suitcase. Summer flies, I learn a lot of things and I realize that slipping on the water is not that bad.

In the following Autumn I have started to dedicate myself also to surfing, finding that amazing feeling of standing up even in the water, and… It was just getting good to me! I have always loved slipping, going the fastest as you can without mechanical equipment, taking advantage of the most powerful force in nature: the gravity force!

I start travelling, searching the ocean and trying to improve my clumsy technique, until I attended a course to become a certified sailing instructor.

It’s spring again… What’s to be done? My inbox is full of job offers as ski instructor in Argentina and New Zealand. But wait… three winters in a row? No Thanks! Let’s go to the sea! In the last years I have caught cold enough!

I started to send a lots of CV in schools in the whole Italy, I started to conduct interviews. It comes up a new challenge! Transmitting, teaching persons that amazing feeling of slipping on the water.
A school inside a big resort in Sicily has intrigued me, there was the opportunity to teach a lots of slipping on the water sports: kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding and waterskiing.

A crew composed by two young guys, surfers, far from the agonistic schemes which I was used to, but really motivated to make grow the free scene of these activities and to transmit passion! I like it! Finally the chance to be part of a team of persons just like me!
– So? Is there any possibility to grow in this team? – I asked Andrea.
– It’s a speeding train… Choose if you want to get on board – He answered me.
A month later I am on the “Suprema” ship on my way to Palermo! A new adventure is starting. In the following months I’ve met a lots of beautiful persons that will become almost mentors like the best sport coach to which I was used to. I’ve started to know and respect the sea in a professional perspective.
I start living the sea. In the literal sense of the word LIVING.

It’s 05:07 AM, the alarm is set for 05:15, but my eyes are open since a long time… I wake up, take a look outside of the window, flags are in line from the ground. Perfect.

I grab my surfboard, clumsy, almost as a ritual I rub paraffin randomly on the deck.
On the beach there are still bonfire hot coals and some empty bottles here and there, the sky is starting to paint a picture of spectacular colors, I would like to take my gopro and post it on Instagram, but I don’t want to lose even a wave of the Mediterranean perfection that unrolls on the reef before my eyes. I attach the leash, I jump, the strokes are light, I feel free, in sync with the sea, I catch one, two, three, four waves, one by one, I draw turns, I fall, but… Who cares?! I’m alone in the water anyway… Just me, the sea and the sunrise.
I feel comfortable, the water is warm, I’m sitting on the board lulled by the waves… There are no charts, no score to chase, no opponents to beat.

It’s 08:05, I quickly get out of the sea that slowly is calming down, I am ready to start a new working day, and to give our guests these feelings.

I get it, now I am part of sealosphy vision.


Good morning!

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