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BIOPIRATES: The University goes to the sea.

Last year Sealosophy, in occasion of a business trip in the Maldives islands, where it cooperates with plenty of hotels and reception facilities, met professor Alessandra Savini, marine geologist and teacher in Marine Sciences at Milano-Bicocca University.

We were both cooperating on a Coral Conservation project, planning daily outreach activities with the hotel’s guests and at the same time trying to discuss over the current state of the sea, its rapid and constant climate changes, and the impact that plastic and men have on its waters.

We thus thought to actively intervene promoting a project able to unite our work and the academic world.
That’s how BIOPIRATES project was born, and we could not choose a better name: BIO stands for biology, but also for Bicocca and Oceanography; while PIRATES hold the adventure spirit of Sealosophy and its crew that decided to take the sea, actively transforming a common passion for the sea in a perfectly respectable professional enterprise.

The sea is nowadays our natural habitat, we spend more time in it than on the mainland, so the least we can do is to preserve and take care of it, and that’s the reason why we chose to include in our team two students in Marine Sciences at Milano-Bicocca University.

We will support them in potential water analysis activities, data collecting ashore, and trying to use these datas and informations to raise awareness about the safeguard of the marine environment in local citizens, local activities, and the resort’s guests.

“We need to make guests, citizens and local enterprises aware and respectful about marine environment safeguarding.”

The final objective of the project is to promote good activities aimed to the preservation of the marine environment, especially in areas exposed to massive tourism.

All researches and related activities will take place in two years starting from the current month of July. In this period of time the first data collections and analysis will start and only after seeing the first results we will plan any future step.

So all I can say now is

Michele, CEO of Sealosophy

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