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Kayak (single and double)

Kayak is a type of canoe that was originally used by the Inuit people. Unlike a more common Canadian canoe, the Kayak requires a double paddle action. Kayaking is one of the most common water sports and it is absolutely for everyone. We offer lessons starting from basic navigation principles and canoe directionality.

Paddle boats

Paddle boats (or Pedalò boats) are build with 2 parallel hulls connected through a frame featuring a pedal wheel for the users to propel the boat forward. Directionality can be determined through a helm operate by a lever. This type of boat is perfect for a easy trip at sea, as it is very simple to use and even suitable for children.

Sofa & banana riding


When in the company of friends, there’s nothing quite a banana boat to have some fun. This is as an inflatable banana-shaped boat dragged by a motorboat. Our skippers will make you enjoy your ride with complete regards for your safety.

Sofa boat (motorboat)

These inflatable boats look like home couches but they are being pulled by a motorboat. A great way to ride among the waves and enjoy a great experience for children and adults alike. These are two of the most popular aquatic gams and they are perfect for everyone, including children and adults.

Jetski riding

Jump on our state-of-the-art water-scooters and join our in structures to experience adrenaline-filled maneuvers on the waves or on still waters. Not convinced? Have a try!