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Motorized watersports


Monoski, much like water skiing, allow users to slide quickly on the water, turning quickly thanks to a single ski for both feet. The school is equipped with the mot comfortable tools to enjoy this sport.


Holding a firm balance, the water skiing practitioner flies on the water pulled by a boat or a water scooter. Water skiing is best enjoyed without wind or strong waves, which would only disrupt the performance. This adrenaline-filled sport is suitable for all ages.


This port was born by combining snowboard and water-skiing and it is recently enjoying a surge in popularity. Mainly practiced in the sea or on lakes without wind or waves, the sport requires the riders to be dragged by a boat, and use waves to accomplish jumps and tricks. A scale is used to place the rider’s hands as well as a board similar to the ones used for snowboard. This new and exciting sport is suitable for all ages. We offer lessons for experienced users or first-timers.


A sport stemming from wake boarding, but with the use of a surf board. The boat creates waves that remind of natural oceanic waves. This simple and exciting sport is suitable for all ages.


A current trend, this sport involves a board to be attached to the user’s feet through special shoes. The board ejects a powerful water stream that will quite literally make you take off. The intuitive nature of this discipline leads to an amazing experience: you’ll almost feel like a super-hero, able to fly on the water. A must-try experience for lovers of strong emotions. It only takes a few minutes to learn how to get out of the water: it will be very easy to move underwater like a dolphin or defying gravity like Super Man.


Kneeboarding employs a board that was conceived to allow the rider to sit on it with bended knees. Very fun to use on motor-generated waves to create tricks and jumps. We offer lessons of all the activities aimed at beginners as well as experts, thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment.

Svolgiamo lezioni di tutte le attività per principianti ed esperti grazie ad attrezzature sempre performanti ed efficienti.