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Non-motorized Water Sports

In our WDVS affiliate center you can obtain Basic Sailing and Windsurfing Certification which you can use to further your training anywhere in the world. Please contact us for further information.


The theory of sail is at the basis of all the wind-based sports. Our school offers sailing lessons practitioners of all levels starting from age 6. The lessons, performed by VDWS certified instructors, will be performed within the stunning frame of the Mediterranean Sea, with a special regard to safety and weather conditions.


Windsurfing is a sailing specialties and a sport that consists of moving on the water on a board thanks to the propulsive action of the wind on a sail. In recent years, windsurfing evolved significantly. Thanks to new training material and updated teaching techniques, we can offer lessons for people of all ages and all levels (from 3 to 100 years old, from surfing games to free-styling). This is a great sport for children and beginners. Moreover, we also offer the possibility to rent equipment or even use your own and store it within our facilities.


Also known as kiteboarding, this water sport was invented recently (1999) as a variation of surfing. This discipline requires the rider to let a kite pull with the wind and propel the board forward. Directionality can be controlled through a control bar connected to the kite via thin dyneema lines. Kitesurfing requires a feet board and it allows riders to “plane” on the water. With weak wind conditions, larger kites are used. With the right weather conditions, it is possible to practice the sport safely, simply free riding or even free styling by performing several tricks. It is also possible to use the kite on the waves (wavestyle) as well as on flat water (wake style) depending on the characteristics of the sports and the wind. The many different approaches require different boards: in order to ride big waves, mono-directional boards that remind of surfing boards are needed. It’s also possible to use bi-directional boards to accomplish acrobatics and other tricks. These will make it easier to kite surf when the water is fairly still. The school offers a wide range of equipment for any style. The ideal wind condition for beginners range from 12 to 24 knots.


Surfing (In Hawaiian, Ohe’Enalue, to slide on waves) consists in riding the waves with a surfing board. The technique consists in sliding along a wave’s wall, standing on the board. It is possible to perform a series of maneuvers, depending on the speed and shape of the wave’s wall. To get an idea, we recommend checking out “Riding Giant” an accomplished and interesting documentary about the history of surfing.

S.U.P. (Stand Up Paddle)

Stand up paddle surf o SUP is the latest water sport trend. It is a fantastic and fun re-invention of the famous Hawaiian surfing, which allows user to ride on the water even without waves or major skills thanks to the use of a paddle. The rider stands on the board and moves on with the help of a paddle, allowing his body to develop a sense of balance. SUP is also very well-known for its ability to help you build muscles in the arms, abdominals and shoulders.

Swimming academy.

Swimming is hailed as the most accomplished sport and it is often recommended for children. This sport is ideal to build muscle mass, develop resistance, improving respiratory skills and facilitating coordination skills and mobility. Our experienced team and great swimming pool are perfect for every guest to learn how to swim or perfect their favourite swimming style. We offer weekly introduction classes, as well as specific lesson in different styles such as front crawl, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke or dolphin crawl.


Snorkeling is literally about swimming on the water surface while looking down thanks to a snorkel. The guests of the Verdura can enjoy a series of excursions as individuals or as part of a group, with the constant supervision of our experienced instructors taking you hand in hand as you explore the wonderful underwater landscapes of the Sicilian coasts. All our activities include lessons for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. We also have great equipment suitable for any level.