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Sealosophy: live, love and learn

The project stems from former tourist entertainer and windsurfing lover Andrea Martore, who set out to spread and promote water sports (including motor sports) as well as his passion for the sea.

Together with a group of friends from Sicily boasting a background in the hospitality industry, Andrea created two prestigious nautical centers in Sicily and Apulia, turning a long-life passion into an actual profession; simple but focused on quality.
Today, Sealosophy s.n.c. is a tourist agency offering the possibility to experience the sea directly as well as learning how to sail its waves.
From welcoming our guests to the swimming pool or on the beach, to exploring the most enchanting bays on our comfortable boats, we can provide a journey characterized by fun and adrenaline-filled activities with or without motors, alongside qualified and certified instructors.

Meet the team

“After that magic moment when my eyes opened up on the sea, It was never possible for me to see, think and live like before”.
Jacques Cousteau

Over the years we have developed the requisite experience to offer a range of services with a quality standard that exceeds expectations:

  • Location analysis, nautical center planning, and equipment purchasing
  • Target customer analysis and creation of price lists for services
  • Recruiting and training young, qualified, unbeatable staff
  • Wide range of aquatic sports, motorized and otherwise
  • Routine maintenance service for equipment and boats
  • Lifeguard surveillance service
  • Specialized Pool Attendants to greet guests at the pool/beach
  • Testing and managing swimming pool chlorine and pH levels
  • Managing and maintaining piers and floating recreational structures
  • Hotel merchandising and sales outlets