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Our staff has been certified by the best organizations and European and International sports associations with all of the patents and habilitations currently valid:

Andrea Martore

Data e luogo di nascita: 31/07/1985 Alessandria (AL)
Team member: Fondatore e Proprietario di Sealosophy s.n.c.
Home spot: Golfo di Marinella
Visited spots: Capo Verde, West Australia, South Africa, Isole Canarie, Italia
Specialized: Windsurf

An enthusiastic traveler since he was a kid, Andrea started working as a tourist entertainer after high school. After many years of experience in holiday resorts worldwide, his passion for the sea set out to grow further and further. Eventually he developed a fondness for windsurfing and learned how to sail on the Garda Lake, where he decided to turn his passion into a profession. Andrea started his first school in Ciammarita (PA) and he never stopped since. Today, he is the leader of a young crew of guys who are in love with the sea and who specialize in managing and developing nautical centers within hospitality structures in Italy. Every day, Andrea wakes up with the goal of spreading the culture, the love and the respect he has for the sea, as well as teaching windsurfing to people of all levels.

Michele Errante

Data e luogo di nascita: 17/06/1984 Sciacca (AG)
Team member: Amministratore, Direttore Commerciale e Operativo di Sealosophy s.n.c.
Home spot: Sciacca
Spot visitati: Capo Verde, South Africa, Italia
Specialità: Kitesurf

Curious and always looking to learn new things, Michele moved to Bologna following his high school diploma. There, he studied law, but it didn't take long before he moved back to Sciacca at the Verdura resort, where he started to work as a spa / guest assistant. Passionate about body-building, Michele became a fitness instructor and nutrition educator during his years at the Spa. Always ready to help everyone, he founded the first swimming academy of the Verdura resort with Andrea. Since then, it will be all about growth: from directing the water sport division to his passion for sales allowed him to contribute improving the quality of service and of the activities offers. He also manages important worldwide events with external teams at the Verdura Resort. He manages firms with the goal of raising quality standards, while having fun and learning new things every single day, growing personally and professionally.

Pippo Di Dia

Data e luogo di nascita: 11/09/1987 Partinico (Pa)
Team member: Water Sports Manager Senior di Sealosophy s.n.c.
Home spot: Ciammarita
Spot visitati: Capo Verde, West australia, Italia
Specialità: Surf da onda

Hailing from Partinico, Pippo earned his Geometry diploma and started working in a studio up until he met Andrea in Ciammarita (Pa). The two developed a beautiful friendship and professional partnership. Andrea will introduce him to the world of water sports and Pippo will bring his self-taught skills to the next level, while supporting the growth of the business with his very giving and motivated professional ethics.
A skilled knot expert, Pippo is always keen on sharing his love with the sea with guests and he has been managing the Verdura school for 2 years, before relocating to Apulia.
Today, he manages and develops water sports at Borgo Egnazia, and spends his free time chasing waves to surf.