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Your passion will become your job!

more than a team

We firmly believe that the company must represent the ideal place where people can work while having fun at the same time. Much more than a simple workplace, an environment in which we share personal and professional experiences and in which we support each other so that each goal is not only achievable but also manageable.

sealosophy accademy

The staff is our most important asset and for this we invest in continuous training in the field, defining all the steps of the professional growth path of each team member so that the company is constructive and a stimulus to test their skills, sports and nautical knowledge. Our Academy, created 3 years ago, was born with the aim of training and strengthening the skills of the staff, raising it to a new professional dimension as a multi-purpose professional in water sports and with great experience in the luxury hotel sector.

Food and accommodation to feel at home

We are a big family. We will provide you with everything you need to feel at home!

Federal tutors and instructors

You will have a team of federal instructors who will help you learn all the water sports

Economic support for patents

We will provide you with financial support to help you obtain patents thanks to personalized pocket money

Access to all equipment

You can use all the equipment in our center to learn and practice new disciplines!

The training that will change your life

Our training is an education and professional path that will allow you to get involved and help you get the most out of your skills. This training process will provide you with the basics of all our business logic, the study of the essential equipment to carry it out and a constant and careful maintenance plan. A company tutor will support you by providing direct educational support on the field thanks to materials to be studied at home. We will prepare you for the achievement of the most important licenses and certifications