A sea to love and protect


What is biopirates

This project, founded in 2018 from the collaboration between our company and the University of Milano-Bicocca, is the result of a natural love for the sea and the need to protect our planet and our existence. It was created to promote interactive, unique and exciting educational experiences, with the ultimate goal of the dissemination of marine sciences. Together with our marine biologists you will explore our fantastic seabed!

Our Mission:

a pirate crew ready to sail for new adventures


born to defend the sea

Periodically our team, together with marine biologists, organizes boat excursions during which you will admire the wonders of our stretch of coast between Sciacca and Eraclea Minoa. Our marine biologists will also explain everything you need to know about the marine species that populate it and geomorphologically characterize our coastal area.

Don't look at the sinking sea!

We periodically organize educational projects, to motivate people to protect our beaches and the depths of our seas. These projects are varied: plastic collection day, beach and seabed cleaning, fundraising for cleaning and protecting activities.

Take part in our events: fun, educational and interactive

Biopirates Projects:

Fun for adults and children

Thanks to our staff, we periodically organize educational presentations especially for children, to start an awareness raising activity from an early age, taking advantage of local or organized events within the resort.

Venture with vr and augmented reality

Thanks to our virtual reality simulator you can visit our sea directly from the mainland by living an equally unique and exciting experience!