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"Let yourself be immerged by a sea of ​​emotions that you can no longer give up"
Sealosophy is a company specialized in nautical services for hotels and resorts. We are a strategic partner for all those who want to introduce or strengthen the offer of their services with quality nautical experiences, cutting-edge equipment and prestigious brands in the sector. We offer a wide range of services that include water sports, diving and boat tours thanks to a complete and multipurpose team of professional instructors and marine biologists who have transformed a strong passion for the sea into a 360 ° profession. We only offer the best to our guests.

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Over 30 water sports with Federal Instructors

Your facility will be provided with all the equipment for any type of sport or water activity: Action Water Sport, Eco Water Sport, Water Toys, Family & Relax and a Swimming Academy. In addition, you will be provided with a staff of professional instructors, all certified and experienced in the field.

5 Star Diving Center with Marine Biologists

In your facility you will also have a PADI 5 Star Diving school. We are the only diving school in Italy to have marine biologists in our staff. We periodically organize educational events on marine flora and fauna!

Management and Maintenance Services

We will also take care of the following services: Ordinary maintenance of equipment and vessels, management of swimming pool and tub systems, assistance for bathers and installation of launching lanes, reception in the pool / beach with hostess and stewart, management and opening of sea- and swimming pool shops.

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booking a meeting with us

We organize a meeting in order to get to know each other and show you what makes us unique. Tell us about your project, in order to understand what are the possible challenges and opportunities that we might have together!


Receive your action plan

We will take care of sending you a personalized Action Plan based on your project with a possible overall economic estimate of the possible investments to be made.


Safe investments

Thanks to the agreements with our partners you will enjoy a significant reduction in investment costs in staff and equipment, thus having a clear view of the ROI and your future earnings!

More activities = more profits

The more activities your facility offers, the higher the turnover.

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Thanks to our partnerships with Jobe Sport and Seac, we only assure you top-of-the-range equipment that is always checked and serviced. In addition to the sport activities, we offer boat excursion services to make your guests’ holiday unforgettable! We will help you make the most of all the local beauties!

We will provide you with certified federal staff

we satisfy every need


We will make your guests’ holidays unique. We offer the possibility to passing boats to request the rental of our equipment

What our partners think about us

over 10 years of collaboration with the top of the range

Claudio Badiali

Howner e windsurf sails designer Challengersails

“The secret of success is to guarantee the use of high quality materials. Our standard is research and continuous development. These are the starting points on which our paths have been intertwined. 10 years of satisfaction and success together. “

Davide Noli


“For 10 years we have been collaborating together with a passion for water sports without ever stop testing, testing and experiencing the equipment, this is us, JOBE and Sealosophy”

Omar Scialpi

Seac Marketing & Advertising Director

“An engaging adventure alongside Sealosophy to offer the best performing equipment and let users experience all the excitement that the sea can give. It is also thanks to realities like Sealosophy that we have been committed since 1971 to develop and create the best products”

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Michele Errante

CEO di Sealosophy S.n.c.

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Andrea Martore

Founder & President di Sealosophy S.n.c.

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