Try surfing in the air with an electric surf


15 minutes of briefing

fun and safe

Top equipment

15 minutes of briefing

Fun and safe

Fliteboard: you will float on the water

Enjoy this fantastic experience! Thanks to a special board, powered by an electric motor, you will float on the water and experience new emotions out of the ordinary. In a few minutes you will be ready to surf suspended in the air.

Thanks to an initial briefing of 15 minutes, our instructors will provide you with all the necessary advice to be able to surf suspended in the air!

Rent the Equipment or Book a Lesson with Instructor

How does the Fliteboard work?

The foilboard is “powered” by an electric motor that reaches up to 45 km / h. Thanks to a propulsion system, you can “fly” on the water for about 90 minutes.


There are no risks and no dangers. You will be provided with a life jacket and, included in the price, you will have accident insurance!

What requirements are needed?

Nothing in particular: it is accessible to everyone because no license is required. We recommend fair physical conditions to fully enjoy this incredible experience!

its top speed 45kh/h

controller wireless

Control your table via a Bluetooth waterproof wireless controller. Don't worry, don't be afraid to lose or break it

Sistema di propulsione

Fly effortlessly for up to 90 minutes per charge with Fliteboards' dynamic eFoil propulsion system.

Rent the Equipment or Book a Lesson with Instructor

A prestigious location

Our nautical center is inside the Verdura Resort, sciacca (AG). A Luxury Resort equipped with everything: 3 golf courses, an infinity pool, 6 tennis courts, a world-class spa, 4 restaurants, 5 bars and much more!

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