The classic of tow sports: from snow to water


15 minutes of briefing

fun and safe

Top equipment

15 minutes of briefing

Fun and safe

Experience the thrill of skiing on water!

It seems difficult but it is not. Just follow the instructions of our instructors to immediately be able to ski on the water. Just a little practice and you will immediately be able to get out of the water and start enjoying this discipline!

We only rely on Top of the range brands for the equipment to ensure the best sports experience in terms of safety and quality

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How does Waterskiing work?

Waterski is a tow sport. Thanks to the driving force of the boat and the tips of our instructors you will be able to get out of the water and ski right away!

Is Waterskiing a safe sport?

Yes, it is, there are no risks and no dangers. We will provide you with a helmet and life jacket, plus there is accident insurance!

What requirements are needed?

Nobody in particular: it is accessible to everyone because no preparation is required. We recommend fair physical conditions to fully enjoy this incredible experience!
Lessons also for children

Thanks to the experience of our instructors, you will be able to glide on the water immediately. For the less experienced ones we will use our jet skis that generate less waves for towing!

Rent the Equipment or Book a Lesson with Instructor

A prestigious location

Our nautical center is inside the Verdura Resort, sciacca (AG). A Luxury Resort equipped with everything: 3 golf courses, an infinity pool, 6 tennis courts, a world-class spa, 4 restaurants, 5 bars and much more!

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