15 minutes of briefing

fun and safe

Top equipment

15 minutes of briefing

Fun and safe

equipment for each discipline:

Windsurfing is a special sport that blends two elements like water and wind and transforms them into pure adrenaline! It is a timeless classic that every true outdoor sports fan should try at least once in his life!
Our center is equipped only with top of the range equipment. We have everything you need to be able to play all of the windsurfing disciplines. Two winds blow in our coastal area: the “Ponente” and the “Scirocco”. The alternation of these winds allows to obtain the perfect weather conditions for this sport.

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need special physical skills?

Windsurfing does not need special physical skills. We will immediately teach you the right technique to be able to manage this sport without high physical efforts. You will immediately learn to master the wind!

is windsurfing a dangerous sport?

Not at all! We will provide you with everything you need to be able to practice it in total safety. Our instructors will assist you and monitor you for the duration of the lesson!

In which season do you practice it?

You can practice it at any time even if, for obvious reasons, the wind is necessary. Without the thrust of the wind, in fact, the board remains still and does not move!

YOU CAN HAVE Results already after the first lesson

Trust our certified federal instructors to learn a new sport. Thanks to our experience, you will immediately learn to manage the windsurf board and get pushed by the wind!

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A prestigious location

Our nautical center is inside the Verdura Resort, sciacca (AG). A Luxury Resort equipped with everything: 3 golf courses, an infinity pool, 6 tennis courts, a world-class spa, 4 restaurants, 5 bars and much more!

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