swimming academy

The first step in exploring the underwater world

professional instructor

Ideal for children

Guaranteed results

Top equipment

15 minutes of briefing

Fun and safe

lessons for children and adults

Thanks to our swimming academy you can learn to swim or improve swimming techniques together with our instructors. Book a single lesson or buy a multi lesson package. Trust our instructors, we guarantee excellent results in a short time!

Become an experienced swimmer

The courses include aquatic lessons, learning the main swimming styles such as backstroke, freestyle, butterfly and much more. Become an experienced swimmer while having fun!

Included in the price:

Aquatic lessons also for babies

Our AQUATICITY course for newborns is strongly recommended for children from 3 months to 3/4 years of age. Exercises will be performed to strengthen and develop the heart, lungs and muscles in a healthy way.

Ideal for those wishing to perfect the technique

Our specialization courses will help you stabilize and refine your technique. Better technique means reducing physical exertion by increasing performance and results!

certified instructors with decades of experience

Within our academy you will find certified federal instructors with decades of experience, both with adults and with children. In a short time our instructors will make you achieve amazing results!

your baby
will swim like a fish

Aquatic lessons

Learn all the styles

learn to

Our courses for children are ideal for getting them used to the relationship with water, improving coordination and balance and developing learning skills and relaxing mind and body.
A prestigious location

Our nautical center is inside the Verdura Resort, sciacca (AG). A Luxury Resort equipped with everything: 3 golf courses, an infinity pool, 6 tennis courts, a world-class spa, 4 restaurants, 5 bars and much more!

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