Enjoy a relaxing walk in a single or tandem canoe!


15 minutes of briefing

fun and safe

Top equipment

15 minutes of briefing

Fun and safe

Explore the Agrigento coast by kayak

Our center is equipped with single-seater and two-seater canoes for excursions along the Agrigento coast. A canoe ride is the best way to fully enjoy the natural wonders of our coast
Easy to govern, ideal for spending a day of relaxation and sport with your family or friends!

Try our kayaks with your friends

Do I need a
boat license?

No boat license required! Stroll peacefully in your canoe, enjoy a few hours of relaxation in the middle of the crystal clear sea!

Is it difficult to row in a canoe?

Definitely no! We will give you all the tips to know how to paddle. Our instructors will explain the correct technique for you to move in an optimal and effortless way!

Is this a
strenuous activity?

No special physical preparation is required. With the right technique you will navigate effortlessly. This activity is also ideal for children!

enjoy the coast on our kayaks

Thanks to the experience of our instructors, you will be able to glide on the water immediately. For the less experienced ones we will use our jet skis that generate less waves for towing!

Try our kayaks with your friends

A prestigious location

Our nautical center is inside the Verdura Resort, sciacca (AG). A Luxury Resort equipped with everything: 3 golf courses, an infinity pool, 6 tennis courts, a world-class spa, 4 restaurants, 5 bars and much more!

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