Why use the car when you can go by boat?

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Tired of using the car? Do you want to experience the thrill of feeling a VIP? Do you want to reach the harbor of Sciacca and in the meantime enjoy a boat ride? Try our exclusive service, unique in its kind, that will make you appreciate all the beauties of our area.

Go to the restaurant by boat!

Thanks to our taxiboat you can reach the harbor of Sciacca for a pizza or an ice cream, small bays, caves and secret ravines. Trust us to reach the most beautiful places on the Agrigento coast!

Which places can I reach?

Reach all the destinations you want! The indicated price however refers to the route from the Resort to the harbor of Sciacca. Contact us to know the price of the other destinations!

Are there any fixed times?

No, you decide the time of the taxi boat! We will be waiting for you on time! A maximum delay of 15 minutes will be tolerated!

For how many people is it possible?

No limit! We have multiple boats available for any large groups of people! Let us know how many you are, we’ll take care of the rest!