Who are

more than a Water Sports Center

Our mission:

The sea as life philosophy

Our company is driven by the desire to create unique and exclusive nautical centers, complete with all services and nautical activity with the aim of creating unique and personalized experiences for hotel and beach resort customers. Our tailored approach pursues the constant goal of exceeding all expectations…

How and when sealosophy was born

Sealosophy was founded in 2008 from the wish of Andrea, a 20 year old with many dreams. One of these dreams was to revolve his whole life around sport and the sea. Soon the dream became reality: the opening of the 1st nautical center at Verdura Resort! For over more than 10 years, the center has offered the possibility of practicing sports and water activities in total safety, guaranteeing unique experiences, characterized by breathtaking landscapes, fun and professionalism. Each service was built ad hoc ensuring the achievement of objectives in a short time.

See you at the Sea!

The sealosophy timeline

May 2010

Water Sports Center at Verdura Resort, Sicily

June 2012

Water Sports Center at Borgo Egnazia Resort, Puglia

April 2014

Buena Onda sailing school in Marinella, Sardinia

June 2016

Water Sports Center for Thudufushi Diamonds Resort, Maldives

June 2017

Water Sports Center for Thudufushi and Athuruga Diamonds Resort, Maldives

June 2018

Water Sports Center for Thudufushi and Athuruga Diamonds Resort, Maldives
New Opening
New Opening
New Opening
New Management
New Management
New Management

our vision

Our company is a business reality that accepts no compromises. We strive daily to be the reference point for water sports. We work to be the place where innovation, determination and eye for details defines the concept of water sport!

we protect nature

greener life philosophy

Enjoying the sea, not polluting it. Cleaning it is the best way to make the world a better place. Every day we are committed to protecting the sea and everything related to it!

why choose sealosophy?

Because we offer fun opportunities for professionals and enthusiasts who want to have an adrenaline-filled experience with respect for the environment. In this aspect, we are the only ones in Italy to have a team made up of marine biologists who, together with our customers, organize plastic collection campaigns. To find out more, take a look at our Bio-Pirates project.

Professionals by passion


Our staff is certified by the best European and international sports organizations and associations and with regular patents and valid qualifications:


Fondatore Sealosophy

Dynamic and traveler, he loves adventure and adrenaline. He made windsurfing his reason for living. He is the founder of Sealosophy

Michele Errante

CEo Sealosophy

Founder of the swimming academy and water sports instructor. Lively and curious to learn new things.

Giuseppe procolo

Watersport Manager

A multipurpose water man, thanks to the patents and certifications obtained. He rides the table from the age of 15.

salvatore Ingenito


Flexible and versatile, he has held all positions in the team over the years, combining great university results with passion and love for his work.

Alessandro Smecca

Junior Watersport Instructor

From 2019 he begins his adventure with Sealosophy by sharing his love for the sea and falling in love with windsurfing

Marco Cristaudo

Diving Instructor of the middle PADI

Fascinated by the marine world since he was a child, today he is happy to share and transmit his diving experience with his students.


Junior watersport instructor

The youngest of the team, who has always been passionate about the sea, starts his watersport course after the nautical school